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Ozark trail tents are manufactured for the economical tent buyers in mind, although an Ozark tent will not suit everyone, some found there Ozark trail tent performed well overall.

Ozark tents are budget priced tents made by a number of manufacturers and sold by Wal-Mart.

These tents for camping are designed for the occasional camper or the camper whose budgetary concerns simply will not allow them to purchase a top of the line tent.

While this line of Ozark tents are not designed for those who wish to take month long camping trips or the year round camper, they are a viable solution for those who want to enjoy some time in the great outdoors camping and backpacking, or maybe just testing the water to see if camping is an activity to be pursued in the future.

Various Ozark Trail Tents

2 Person Junior Dome Tent

The 2 person Junior dome Ozark Trail Tent is a tent designed primarily for children but, has been used for single people who are backpacking. This tent measures 6' by a little over 5' and is made with Gobedry technology to help keep the interior dry through the rain. It has a 3.5 ceiling height and a self supporting frame which makes the tent easy to move without taking it down.

9' by 8' Dome Tent

The Ozark trail 9'by 8' dome tent is a $30.00 dollar tent that has an ever dry weatherproof system, taped fly seams, is large enough for a Queen size mattress and is light weight and compact weighing only 5 pounds. It is designed to be a 4 person tent, however, two or three adults will fit much more comfortably.

The Ozark Trail 12 by 10 Family Dome Tent

The Ozark family dome tent has two rooms, and is designed to hold up to 6 people.

The two doors at the front allow for a private entrance to each room, this tent has a power pocket for electrical cords, built in pocket organizers and a gear loft and comes with a carrying case and a front door mat.

It costs around $90.00.

Advantages/Disadvantages of Ozark Trail Tents

Although Ozark Trail Tents are made by several different companies these tents all seem to be made with the same attention to detail and advantages or disadvantages regardless of tent size.

So, spending a few minutes noting those advantages and disadvantages may help you decide if an Ozark Trail Tent is right for you and your family.


There are many advantages to choosing an Ozark Trail Tent starting with the price. These tents depending on size run from about $19.00 to around $140.00 making them affordable for anyone who wants to go camping.

In addition, these tents are easy to set up which is a benefit for both those people who are new to tent camping and those who have camped before.

Reviewers who purchased an Ozark Trail Tent pointed to many things they like about these tents; Here are some of the features they especially liked.

  • Good ventilation
  • easy to set up
  • great price
  • good in wind
  • comfortable
Disadvantages of Ozark Trail Tents

When you consider the low price of these tents you would expect some disadvantages and surprisingly there are less than you would expect.

However, there is one major disadvantage that could pose a serious problem and that is that many users found the tent poles to be extremely fragile and that they shatter easily.

This will result in either needing to purchase replacement poles which cost almost as much as some of the lower priced tents in this line or rendering your Ozark tent absolutely unusable.

Other disadvantages include:
  • Some users found on the 12 by 10 tents that the stakes holding the tent down to the ground break.
  • Tents were too small to accommodate the number of people they said they were designed for.
  • The rain flies are too small to give adequate protection.

While some people found that these Ozark tents provided great protection from the rain others stated that the tent leaked. This could be due to the different manufacturers. Some tents may be better made to hold out rain than others.

Conclusion and Recommendation

While Ozark Trail Tents are not a tent that would be recommended for the avid camper, for those who only camp occasionally or for those who want to find out if camping is an activity they enjoy these tents are a good choice and a good value.

Overall, an Ozark trail tent is reasonable quality and seem to be made to last for several years, although fragile at times. There are some disadvantages to these tents most of which are easily correctable without costing a lot.

However, considering the problems many people have experienced with the Ozark tent poles, it would be wise to invest in higher quality tent poles to fit your tent if you plan on using it more than once or twice, or invest in another tent brand.

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