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Choosing the best tents for camping by size which includes, one man, 2 person , 3 person camping tents and so on; with explanations of what camping needs the tent is suitable for.

Within you will find reviews to the left based on tent brands, backpacking tents and the best camping tent by less popular brands.

This section will guide you in finding the best camping tent by size ( how many people sleeping) that we have researched and reviewed to provide an overview of some of the best on the market.

When choosing the best camping tent by size

If your researching to find the best tents available by size it is important to consider how tent sizes are advertised and what they mean. This helps a buyer to be less surprised when a 3 person tent is most suited for 2 and the same with other sizes.

best tents for camping

There is no industry standard for tent sizes that gives a measurement a tent should be. This allows each tent manufacturer to make the same person sleeping tent smaller or bigger than the next company.

Many of the popular tent brands, especially for backpacking tents will be a 2 person tent for 2 people sleeping on 2 sleeping pads, and not much more.

We would advise a tent buyer to consider how much room is needed for 2 people and where you want gear stored. This can be applied from 1 -10 person tents.

If comfort and extra space is a priority over minimizing weight then choose a tent that is one or two person's bigger, and a vestibule (extension of rain fly). If your a minimalist, then the lightest tent with less materials used that just fits a body inside for a shelter is sufficient. Its quite simple really, isn't it!

It may pay to try a tent out at an outdoor store or take measurements and consider how that tent would fit in length, width and height if buying online.

Best Tents For Camping By Size

Here you will find our choice of the best camping tents and the Best Family Tents.

Best One Man Tent Reviews one man tent to find the best 1 Man Tent suitable for solo camping and outdoor adventures, for those needing a solo tent sufficient to withstand the elements, be lightweight and provide comfort when hitting the trails

Two Man Tent Reviews one man tent suitable for backpacking or camping by car, which includes 2 person tents suitable for those that want a shelter with plenty of space to an ultralight tent for minimizing weight

3 Man Tent Reviews 3 man tent Each 3 man tent is designed with various features to suit all types of camping needs, so finding the best 3 person tent will be based on many factors

4 Man Tent Reviews 3 man tent Every 4 man tent has features and is designed for the various needs of users. These 4 person camping tents will offer you some guidance when searching for the best 4 person tent on the market today

5 Person Tent Review 5 person tent and guide provides a review of the best family camping tent suitable for 5 people sleeping, however advice about choosing this size tent is advisable

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